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The Joker’s wayward world tour continues, as he turns LA into a war zone—before heading back to Gotham to settle some scores!

The Joker’s cataclysmic solo series continues!

He’s worn out his welcome in LA and plans to head back to Gotham to settle some unfinished business, but discovers the City of Angels’ darkest secret: nobody gets out easily. Now he must choose—face the manhunt or the Manhunter, the masked vigilante also known as Kate Spencer!

Back in Gotham, the Clown Prince of Crime gains an unlikely new alley—Solomon Grundy—while also making a deadly enemy: Killer Croc! All of this may be the least of The Joker’s problems if the Red Hood manages to get his revenge!

This volume collects 
The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #7-12.