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A teenager in 1945 is suffocated by post- WWII nationalism. A tireless doctor in 1955 desperately tries to find the origin of a new illness. Though these two people are living seemingly disparate lives, decades apart, they will come to understand that their fates are irrevocably intertwined by a rare, horrifying sickness and an enigmatic figure who follows wherever they go. He is known only as The Man. Confined within their eras, they each race against time to escape The Man and find a cure before The Sickness collapses their worlds. This rich and disturbing comic spans four decades of American history to serve as a reminder that the terrors of yesterday are the terrors of today. A sprawling, ambitious, and genre-bending work exploring the socio-political strife that shaped the nation. It's the crossbreed of I Love Lucy-era pop culture and bizarre body horror in a historical horror epic. Black & White