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On October 16, 2013, Bay Point Preparatory High School in suburban Milwaukee vanished without a trace, only to reappear on a forest-covered moon in an uncharted part of the universe. Students and staff find themselves in the middle of an ancient, primordial wilderness. Where are they? Why are they there? The answers will prove stranger than anyone could possibly imagine.

The Bay Point students will strive to reunite in a new civilization and gain some semblance of normalcy, but there are new threats to overcome and emotional hurdles to deal with, students turning against newfound allies, choosing between friends and destiny... while a great enemy begins raising an army. As the growing threat of an upcoming massacre approaches, time is quickly running out.

Along the way, countless lives will be in danger-teachers, students, friends, lovers...but a way home looms on the horizon, if they can survive it. The GLAAD Media Award-winning series by the Eisner Award-nominated team of writer James Tynion IV (Something is Killing the Children, The Nice House On The Lake) and illustrator Michael Dialynas (Wynd, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) is collected in its entirety in a single volume for the first time!

Collects The Woods #1-36.