Pre-Order Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Vacation Parade by Fréderic Brémaud and Federico Bertolucci

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The award-winning creative team of Fréderic Brémaud and Federico Bertolucci (Love, Little Tails, Brindille) send Donald Duck and Chip ‘n Dale on a wild holiday in a wilder new graphic novel!
Donald Duck is driven senseless by Duckburg’s hustle and bustle—and the cure might be a peaceful camping trip in the forest primeval. But can our mad mallard find rest and relaxation at last? Not if his greatest forest foes—Chip ‘n Dale and Humphrey Bear—have their way!
Fréderic Brémaud and Federico Bertolucci, the team behind the world-renowned Love graphic novels, present a comics tribute to Donald’s Golden Age animation career. It’s a feature-length epic in Brémaud’s and Bertolucci’s acclaimed pantomime style.