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Wesley Dodd’s dream of a better world is now a nightmare, as DC’s original Sandman returns in a gripping new noir mystery!

No one escapes the Sandman's dark dreams, not even Wesley Dodds himself. After years of testing and experimentation, Wesley perfected his sleep gas as the optimal weapon to fight crime without causing undue harm. But when his journal detailing all his failed and far more deadly formulas is stolen, the Sandman must hunt down the thief and the people in the shadows pulling the strings!

Can Wesley solve the mystery of who broke into his home before these noxious weapons are unleashed on the world, or is Sandman fated to fade away into the mists?

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman is written by comics superstar Robert Venditti (Superman ’78) and vividly drawn by fan-favorite artist Riley Rossmo (Harley Quinn). A bold and thoroughly modern exploration of one of comics’ most classic characters, Wesley Dodds: The Sandman is part of DC’s The New Golden Age initiative, along with Jay Garrick: The Flash and Alan Scott: The Green Lantern.

This volume collects 
Wesley Dodds: The Sandman #1-6.