Ribbon Queen by Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows

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A troubled NYPD detective stumbles into a supernatural mystery involving an immortal spirit of vengeance while battling dirty cops protecting their leader, in this horror thriller from Garth Ennis, creator of MARJORIE FINNEGAN, TEMPORAL CRIMINAL, The Boys and Preacher!

Detective Amy Sun faces an impossible situation: Go public with her allegations against a tactical team leader who allegedly killed a victim he was stalking, or face the wrath of an angry Blue Wall in her department. Complicating matters is the arrival of an immortal entity known as The Ribbon Queen, who delivers justice to those wronged by peeling the skin off her victims in ribbons. But The Ribbon Queen isn’t the only supernatural shedding blood in the streets of New York…and Detective Amy Sun isn’t so sure she should stop them at all!


There is something ancient and terrible loose in the world of men. Something that hates them with burning passion, that bears a grudge born of ten thousand years. Something that wants its revenge.

Detective Amy Sun has a problem—a problem called the NYPD. Three years ago, a young woman was rescued from a serial killer by a police tactical unit. Now she’s dead—and Amy has a bad feeling one of her fellow officers is responsible. Is there a conspiracy deep inside the department, intent on covering up the foulest of crimes? And if there is, what does one officer do about it?

But Amy is looking in the wrong direction. A far more dangerous, far more terrible threat than anything in the affairs of mortal men is suddenly at hand. A force of vengeance older than the human race itself has awoken, invoked by the tormented murder victim in the weeks before she died, and out for the blood of the guilty—who soon find themselves suffering a fate more gruesome than anything they could have dreamed of. The Ribbon Queen has come to New York City…and when she learns the truth, Amy is not at all certain that it should be stopped.