The Delicacy with OK Comics Exclusive Signed Print by James Albon

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Rare and delicious fungi spell trouble for an ambitious restaurateur in this sumptuously painted graphic novel from award-winning cartoonist James Albon.

Tulip and his brother Rowan have left the simple comforts of their small Scottish island with a plan: to grow succulent, organic vegetables in an idyllic market garden, and to open a restaurant to bring these wholesome culinary delights to the polluted sprawl of London. The world of fine dining seems an impossibly competitive place... until they discover a mysteriously, deliriously scrumptious new mushroom that brings diners in droves, catapulting their small restaurant to success beyond their wildest dreams. Now, pressured by the demands of a hungry city, Tulip is desperate to crack the secret of the mushroom's growth. But must he sacrifice his ideals, his integrity, and even his own brother, to feed his own insatiable ambition?