The Mirage by Owen Michael Johnson and Colin Bell

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Story & Art by Owen Michael Johnson
Lettered by Colin Bell

Las Vegas, 1979.

Disillusioned lounge pianist Sid Crystal wastes his nights playing support for bent crooner Ellery Banks - The Ice Cream Dream.

But when cocktail waitress Carla Hardcastle approaches Crystal with a proposition at the hotel & casino of his residency, he begins to feel his luck might change...

A mid-century heist comic book by two-time British Comic Award nominated writer & cartoonist Owen Michael Johnson (Raygun Roads, Beast Wagon, Reel Love) perfect for fans of The Coen Brother's Raising Arizona, Brian De Palma's Carlito's Way and the Parker graphic novels of Darwyn Cooke.

Includes the back-up essay 'Star Treatment'

40 page softcover - full colour - 210mm x 297mm