Usagi Yojimbo Origins Volume 1: Samurai by Stan Sakai

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Presenting the complete saga of rabbit ronin Miyamoto Usagi from the very beginning, in new, definitive color editions!

Before his journey as a wandering, masterless samurai (ronin) began, Usagi underwent intense training under a mountain hermit, Katsuichi-Sensei, taking his first steps down the path of the warrior. Eventually, that path leads him to the pivotal battle of Adachigahara, which serves as the impetus for the host of amazing tales to come.

Collected in full color as never before, discover--or rediscover--the critical origin of Stan Sakai's most beloved character as he tells his story, setting the stage for the decades-long epic that follows.

Here's a review by OK Comics customer Joshua, age 8.

"I loved the whole book. The Kappa story was my favourite.
I like how the art is sometimes dark, and sometimes light. 
The animals are crazy cool.
I like the animals, because sometimes they're happy, sometimes they're mad and sometimes they're at war.
It was really good. I would like to read all of the books.

Collects IDW's Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics #1-7, which present 1987's "Samurai" storyline in color for the first time.