Monday 11th May New Releases!!

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Monday 11th May New Releases!!

OK Comics is currently closed to the public! But...
Our first wave of NEW RELEASES will be AVAILABLE FROM MONDAY!!!
We are currently offering a mail order service.

To reserve what you want, see the What's New page on our new website...
If you already have a regular order with us, there's no need to order it again through our website.

How can I place an order for delivery?
- Email
- Put the phrase "Mail Order" in the subject.
- Orders placed by facebook, messenger, instagram, twitter, or any other social media will be processed in July, so please use email.
- Tell us specifically what you want, whether it's your regular comic order, a special request, or both.
- We'll send you a paypal request.
- If your paypal email address is different to the one you're emailing from, please inform us.
- The items will be sent as soon after payment as possible.
- There will be delays. Be aware, the post office, Royal Mail, and all our usual couriers are stretched to their limits at the moment. They are handling a busier workload with limited staff, so please be patient.
- Please, PLEASE, make sure we're made aware if the current shipping address is different to the one that accompanies your paypal payment information.

Please be patient, we have over 1,000 regular order customers, who are now ALL mail order customers! We will answer all emails in the order that they're received.

Lots of people appear to have similar concerns, so here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

- When will you reopen?
This is unknown. We're in the same situation as most businesses in the UK.

- Are you providing a mail order service?
Yes. See above for how to order.

- If you're in the shop, can I just pop in to buy some stuff?
No. We will not be allowing access for customers until the end of the lockdown. Please so not travel to OK Comics.

- Are you receiving new releases?
The new releases that were due on the 25th March will be available from Monday!
All aspects of the comic supply chain have been effected, from creators, publisher, printers, couriers, airlines, distributors and retailers. After that? Unknown at the moment.

- When you do reopen, will all stuff that we've missed arrive at once?
No. We haven't actually missed anything. Nothing has been shipped. Our main supplier has said they will be looking to evenly distribute any new product over a set period of time. I suspect all release dates for everything will be put back for quite a few months.

- What have you been receiving?
We've had a few small deliveries of some great new books and we are getting restocks from a couple of our graphic novel suppliers.

- Can I still add stuff to my regular monthly order list?
Yes. Just email and we'll sort you out.

- Can I order stuff that you don't have?
Yes. Most of our suppliers are running again, though most of them on a really limited scale. If you want it, and we don't have it, let us know and we'll see what we can do. Be aware, delivery times are likely to be delayed.

Huge thanks to all our customers who have supported us throughout this crisis. It's really appreciated.

If you have any more questions, please email or post them here.

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