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Hey folks! Our next Drink and Draw event is on June 24th from 6pm at White Swan Leeds. Bring your beer money and sketchbooks and have the best time. Poster by the always awesome Anna Readman

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Currently emailing OK Comics customers about comics that should definitely be on their pull lists. Want to know what we're excited about? Read on to find out! Jamie McKelvie has his first creator-owned comic, since the end of Wicked + Divine back in 2019, coming soon from DSTLRY! A John Wick-style murder mystery, set in the 1900's. Brand new take on everyone's favourite Robin, by OK Comics staff favourite, Juni Ba. The few pages I've seen online are so good! Juni's art is so stylish. I can't wait to see what he does with the character. I'm so excited to...

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In the last few days we've seen that three independent comic/book shops have announced their imminent closure. Well run, well known, established shops owned, operated and curated by people who have put their heart and soul into the businesses. There will be more.The financial crisis is biting hard through these winter months, but we must continue to support the shops, restaurants, bars, cafe's, salons and boutiques that we love.We've been going for 21 years and things have never been tougher.We're open every day in Leeds city centre, flanked by a bus station and train station, surrounded by car parks.We do loads...

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All copies of The Infernals #1 will come with an OK Comics exclusive signed bookplate. 

Thanks to John Pearson, we also have the bookplate original art to give away to one lucky customer!

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All through February we’ll be running a month long SALE event, with some pretty ridiculous price reductions.
Every day we’ll add a new item to the sale.
There will be a limited quantity of each item.

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