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Coming Soon, Events, FCDB, Free Comic Book Day, Giveaway, May 4th 2024 -

Ooof. It's only SEVEN WEEKS until Free Comic Book Day at OK Comics! Saturday 4th May from 8am. Every year at OK Comics we give away comics for FREE on the first Saturday in May. All the main publishers put out a comic or two that represents their range, or promotes an upcoming series. We pile them high and give them away! Frequently Asked Questions. - Is everything free? NO. All the major publishers put out a comic or two each that represents what they're about, or promotes an upcoming comic or storyline. There will be about 50 different titles...

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Events, Graphic Novel Club, Recommendations -

OK Comics has a new event! Starting this month, we will be doing a semi-regular graphic novel club at The White Swan.

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Coming Soon, Events, Giveaway, Original Art, Shop News -

All copies of The Infernals #1 will come with an OK Comics exclusive signed bookplate. 

Thanks to John Pearson, we also have the bookplate original art to give away to one lucky customer!

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Batman, Batman City of Madness, Christian Ward, Events, Giveaway, Shop News, Signed Book Plate Edition -

We're so lucky!  Not only do we have an exclusive signed bookplate to accompany Christian Ward's Batman City of Madness #1 - he's also done four ORIGINAL SKETCHES on the reverse of the bookplates! To be in with the chance of winning one of these beauties, all you have to do is pre-order here, or email us at to add this to your subscription list.

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Comics & Coffee, Drink and Draw, Events, Shop News -

What is Comics & Coffee at Kapow Coffee? Come along to our neighbours in Thornton's Arcade. Danielle will bring a range of good stuff to chat about. Feel free to bring your own recommendations. Or, y'know, just sit quietly and read. An event aimed at helping the comics community of Leeds find each other. Monday 7th August, from 3pm. What is Drink & Draw at White Swan Leeds? Join us at the pub. Food, chat, drinking, drawing, all are optional. It's just a casual, semi-regular, social event... Monday 14th August, from 6pm

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