Times are tough...

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Times are tough...

In the last few days we've seen that three independent comic/book shops have announced their imminent closure. Well run, well known, established shops owned, operated and curated by people who have put their heart and soul into the businesses. There will be more.

The financial crisis is biting hard through these winter months, but we must continue to support the shops, restaurants, bars, cafe's, salons and boutiques that we love.

We've been going for 21 years and things have never been tougher.

We're open every day in Leeds city centre, flanked by a bus station and train station, surrounded by car parks.

We do loads of things you wont find elsewhere, like our social events, free lending library, exclusive signed editions, occasional special offers and a permanent sale section etc. And if you're not able to visit, we deliver everywhere.
Customer subscriptions are the bread and butter of any comic book shop. We love our customers at OK and often hold onto subscribers longer than we probably should. Over the past two months, we've had to pull over £500 worth of stock from customer orders, after being ghosted for months. Most of this stock will end up in our £1 back issue boxes, it's a massive loss.

If you're struggling to afford your comics, let us know, the sooner we alter your order the sooner we can stop ordering extra copies. If you can't make it into Leeds like you used to... We totally get it! Since Covid 80% of our subscribers have switched to mail order, you can too. 

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